Do It Yourself

How to build your own smart wake-up light

You need a bright light that can change its color temperature from warm to cold light that is HomeKit compatible. It could be a standing lamp on your night table, a light strip that is attached to your bed or some other solution. Make sure that the light is bright enough (see Science), therefor I recommend to set it up as direct light.

Eve Light Strip (2 m) on Amazon*
Eve Flare on Amazon*
Philips Hue Starter Set with Bridge on Amazon*

Look for the Works with Apple HomeKit badge when choosing your lamps and accessories. The smart lights listed here are compatible with Apple HomeKit and bright enough, when positioned correctly.

I used a Lux Meter from Amazon* to measure the brightness of the lights. This helped me find the best possible position and brightness settings for my smart lights.

You need to have a home hub in your home in order to create and manage automations (see Help). After setting them up next to your bed, make sure to use the Wake Up Light app to configure a light alarm.

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