Version 3.0 – Shortcuts

Wake Up Light version 3.0 was just released. This version adds the highly requested shortcuts and Siri feature included in the Premium Mode. Additionally, you can now name your light alarms to easily identify them.

In order to address your wake-up lights directly, Wake Up Light added support for named alarms. Just give your wake-up light a descriptive name and you can identify it easily when adding shortcuts.

How to use shortcuts with Wake Up Light

With the Apple Shortcuts app, you can automate setting, adjusting and activating your wake-up lights easily.

Do you want to control your normal (sound) alarm on your iPhone and additionally set the same time to your wake-up light through Wake Up Light?

Easy. Open the shortcuts app and add a new shortcut. Add a step that asks for a time as an input, then add a step to set the alarm on your iPhone using that time and add a third step activating your wake-up light at the same time.

Use Siri with Wake Up Light

The shortcuts you created can be used with Siri as well. Just say the title of your shortcut and Siri will perform it in front of your eyes, asking you for more input if needed.

This enables you to adjust your wake-up lights without opening the Wake Up Light app.

Unfortunately, there is a (known) bug in HomeKit and background execution, that can cause the Siri command to fail with Wake Up Light. In that case, Siri will tell you that you need to open the app. If you choose to do so, your request is continued directly in the app.