Version 4.0

Wake Up Light 4.0 is here with sun-ripened improvements.

Light alarm clock relative to the sun

Want to have a really natural light but you need to keep your room shut from outside light? Wake Up Light can now be set to start relative to the sunrise and sunset, so your light will change while the sun goes up or down instead of fixed times that you have to adjust throughout the year. This feature requires the Premium Mode.

Presence Options

Only let your alarm go off when you or others are at home. You can combine the choice of people with the condition to activate the wake-up light if those people are at home or not. Really handy if you forgot to deactivate your alarm while you are out for some days. This feature requires the Premium Mode.

Smoother Transitions

Adjust the number of steps to make the transitions smoother. Every step creates a new scene that is added to your HomeKit home (at most one per minute). While less steps are more reliable and don’t clog up your HomeKit scenes (there even seems to be a limit dictated by HomeKit) – more steps give you smoother transitions as the time between light changes is reduced. This feature requires the Premium Mode.

Revised layout

To accommodate more options the screen to adjust a wake-up light was revised. The duration of the automation is now moved to the automations screen and the name input has now a new rounded box field for better visibility. Additionally alarms can now be shorter (up to 5 min).